Best camping stories from travel bloggers

We asked some travel bloggers for their best camping stories and this is what they said:

More Superior


My best camping experiences are about the simple things. Living outside. Campfires. Swimming in the lake. My best moment was when I was camping on the north shore of Lake Superior. The scenery is beautiful, the lake legendary. But when the Northern Lights entertained us one evening, it was fascinating.

thunder bay

Crystal McKay

Crystal clear

I’m from rural Canada. Camping is a lifestyle there. Most people own camps, otherwise we’d pitch a tent anywhere and enjoy s’mores. My best friend has a camp 150 km from Thunder Bay, Canada and we go there every year for New Year’s. New Year’s Eve in Canada means snow and cold. People from Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta attended. At every hour of 12, 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., we set off fireworks over the frozen lake to celebrate the New Year in each province. Then we undressed, rolled in the snow and went into the sauna. There’s nothing like winter camping in Canada to get the circulation going!

Girl Scouts

Laurel Smith
Mothers Minivan Travel Games

My best camping experiences always involve Girl Scouts and my daughters. As a troop leader, I am uniquely positioned to teach outdoor skills to many girls who have very little camping experience. I’m also in a unique position to embarrass myself while making the girls feel independent and strong.

Imagine me leading a group of little scouts on their first outdoor adventure through the woods, like little ducks following my every move. As we begin our walk, I turn to alert my entourage to double check that they have all their equipment ready, their water canteens, their small beginner survival knives, and to be very careful where they step so that they do not fall. and get injured. Before I can even finish the sentence, my foot hits a huge tree root and I find myself hurtling through space toward the forest floor. I literally had a mouthful of dirt and a skinned elbow.

The girls rushed over to help me and ask if I was okay. With a dirty smile, I promptly replied, “Of course I’m fine!” I just wanted everyone to see what NOT to do! And now that we’ve got that demonstration out of the way, let’s hit the road!” Obviously the girls could see right through me, so I told them that the next time someone tells me to eat dirt, I can say I already did.

Camping with the macaws

Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl
Trans-America trip

You could trek through the steamy jungles of Chiapas in southern Mexico in search of endangered scarlet macaws and noisy howler monkeys. Or you can pitch your tent, put your feet up and let the critters come to you at the grassy campsite at Centro Ecoturistico Las Guacamayas (about US$2.50 per person per night).

This reserve, on the banks of the Lacantún River, adjacent to the vast Monte Azul Biosphere Reserve (one of the most biodiverse areas in all of North America), has been very successful in increasing the scarlet macaw population and attracting tourists. So much so that we woke up after our first night in the camping to discover that the tree next to our tent had been taken over by scarlet macaws.

There were ten of us partying at the same time in a tree, literally right next to our tent. We spent the whole day in our comfortable camp chairs, sipping coffee (and later cold beer) and watching the lively birds stuff themselves silly.

In the late afternoon a small family of howler monkeys also showed up and decided to spend the night in another nearby tree. The next morning their dinosaur-like roars (they should actually be called roaring monkeys) woke us up (very early).


I was passing through Ukraine and went for a walk camping in the Carpathians. One of the highlights was visiting an old wooden shepherd’s hut in the middle of nowhere, to talk to him about his lifestyle and to get fresh cheese and bread that he had just made.

I didn’t expect Ukraine to be so beautiful and the people so friendly. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Isle of Arran, Scotland

Best camping experience? That must be camping in the wild, on the Isle of Arran in Scotland, next to a lovely babbling stream where we washed our pots, cleaned our boots and cooled our tired, aching feet after a whole day of walking. Unfortunately, the water also brought in tons of mosquitoes, leaving me with hundreds of bites 🙁


Ben Reed
adventures with ben


camper Camping in Alaska is by far my favorite camping experience. Traveling over public roads with 6 friends in a 32-footer over the course of 11 days camperWe crossed mountains, glaciers, rivers and the streets of downtown Anchorage. Camping in late August gave us the opportunity to see Alaska at the height of its fall colors and with a taste of Canada’s Northern Lights. After a day of hiking, rafting and glacier tours, retreat to the comfort (and warmth) of your own home camper and continue to an unknown destination the next day.

Camping at camper offers you the opportunity to truly appreciate the vastness of Alaska’s size and natural beauty. Camping is truly the best way to experience America’s 49th state with unlimited possibilities.

The northern areas of Australia


Our best camping experience was in Litchfield National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory. Eight private campsites are spread along Walker Creek, each with their own small waterfall and swimming hole. We had to lug our stuff a few miles to get here, but it was worth it to have such a beautiful spot all to ourselves. It’s so hot that you don’t need a full tent. We lay under the mosquito net and watched the sky light up with stars.


Heather Koeper

Rhossili Beach, South WalesRhossili Beach, South Wales

I took my teenage daughter and a whole group of friends Trericket mill in Wales where they have a bunkhouse and a small campsite in the orchard behind their old mill house. The ducks and chickens pecked under the trees and there was a metal drum for campfires with a sheltered outdoor kitchen at the side of the bunkhouse where we could fry bacon and eggs. A fast-flowing mill stream ran through the garden, and a little way upstream there were icy pools deep enough for bathing that made the girls scream. Best of all, as a reluctant camper, I was able to have a cozy B&B room at the Mill House, while the girls had their pop-up tents set up among the apple trees – my perfect idea of ​​a camping weekend in Wales.

Queensland, Australia

My dear camping experience was a ‘glamping one’ in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia. It’s not exactly a disaster, as the place looked like a five-star room in a tent, with a king-size bed, a jacuzzi and a barbecue. Anyway, I really loved it!

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Jordan_Wadi Rum_March2012_181Jordan_Wadi Rum_March2012_181

My favorite camping trip was the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan, because of the sheer majesty of the natural elements and how unique an experience it was.

Zion, National Park

Virgin River, Zion National ParkVirgin River, Zion National Park

A few years ago I went camping alone on a road trip in the southwestern US. One of the places I camped was in Zion National Park. I got up early in the morning and took the first shuttle bus to the park and hiked up the Virgin River to “The Narrows”. The only person I saw all morning was the bus driver. The Virgin River cuts through a narrow gorge, so you end up walking in the middle of the river, equipped with river boots, a walking stick and a dry bag. The walls of the gorge stretched thousands of meters high on either side. Of course, in the event of a flash flood, the entire walk would be a lot less fun.

Gary Arndt and Jen Leo

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