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US agency to investigate Secret Service actions at Trump rally after assassination attempt

The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general is investigating the U.S. Secret Service’s handling of security for former President Donald Trump on the day a gunman tried to assassinate him at a rally in Pennsylvania. The agency said in a brief statement on its website Wednesday that the goal is to evaluate “the Secret Service’s process for securing former President …

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His cancerous larynx has been removed. Now he can speak again.

As it happens7:22His cancerous larynx has been removed. Now he can speak again. Just a few months ago, Marty Kedian of Haverhill, Massachusetts, couldn’t speak a word. He didn’t know if he ever would again. But in February, Kedian underwent a total larynx replacement after being diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and undergoing years of surgery. “I had an 82-year-old mother …

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‘We thought we were going to die,’ says passenger on turbulent Air Europa flight

Passengers on board an Air Europa flight that was diverted to northeastern Brazil on Monday due to severe turbulence said they feared for their lives during the incident, which injured about 40 people, four of whom were taken to intensive care. “There are passengers with fractures and injuries to their arms, faces and legs,” a passenger told Reuters in the …

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