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US agency to investigate Secret Service actions at Trump rally after assassination attempt

The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general is investigating the U.S. Secret Service’s handling of security for former President Donald Trump on the day a gunman tried to assassinate him at a rally in Pennsylvania. The agency said in a brief statement on its website Wednesday that the goal is to evaluate “the Secret Service’s process for securing former President …

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AT&T data breach affected nearly all customers after information was downloaded on a third-party platform

Nearly all of AT&T’s customer data has been downloaded to a third-party platform, leading to a security breach, the company said Friday, as cyberattacks continue to spread across the globe against businesses, schools and healthcare systems. The breach, which largely occurred over a five-month period in 2022, affected AT&T mobile customers, customers of mobile virtual network operators who use AT&T’s …

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TikTok has been called the therapist bank of Gen Z. But not all #mentalhealth info is correct

Spark53:59Being human now 9 – Well-being It’s “scroller beware” on #mentalhealth TikTok, where the content ranges from informed to misleading, and has the potential to be both helpful and harmful, mental health providers say. Jonathan Shedler, a psychologist and clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, says he’s concerned about the quality of mental health information …

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