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Advocates criticize the time it took to confirm that a mother and two children from Harrow, Ontario, died from intimate partner violence

WARNING: This story contains discussions of intimate partner violence and suicide. Advocates working to raise awareness about domestic violence say they are devastated to learn that the deaths of a family in their Harrow, Ontario, home last month were the result of intimate partner violence. On Saturday, police confirmed that Carly Walsh and her two children were fatally shot and …

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Losing a foot due to diabetes is terrifying and preventable. How doctors try to help

Duane Lea is terrified she will need an amputation, or worse. The 46-year-old Toronto native lost his right foot to a blood clot in his 30s and is now on constant alert about losing his left leg to diabetes. “It’s like the fear never leaves you,” Lea said during a pre-diabetes checkup at Black Creek Community Health Center in Toronto. …

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City of Believers: Edmonton ready for Oilers to take home the Cup

As the minutes ticked down in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, thousands of Oilers fans rose to their feet. As one they sang Bon Jovi’s Living on a prayer, they shouted Shania Twain’s “Let’s Go Girls” lyrics and finally sang “We want the Cup” over and over until the final buzzer sounded. Outside, the excitement continued: 104th Avenue …

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