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Verdict in unusual trial of confessed Winnipeg serial killer to be delivered Thursday

WARNING: This story contains disturbing details. The fate of a Winnipeg man who confessed to killing four women but denies criminal responsibility will be decided Thursday after an unusual trial for the confessed serial killer. Jeremy Skibicki’s lawyers argued that he was driven by delusions related to schizophrenia and hearing voices that made him believe he was on a mission …

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Disabled Tenants Live in Fear of Eviction. Now This Man With PTSD Sleeps in a Shed

Sidney Wood says he was evicted from his home last month after he couldn’t pay his rent. Wood, 41, couldn’t afford the $1,620-a-month Edmonton basement apartment he shared with his two teenage children. Not after he and his wife separated in March, and not on his CPP disability income, which he says is $1,403 a month. So Wood, who can …

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TikTok has been called the therapist bank of Gen Z. But not all #mentalhealth info is correct

Spark53:59Being human now 9 – Well-being It’s “scroller beware” on #mentalhealth TikTok, where the content ranges from informed to misleading, and has the potential to be both helpful and harmful, mental health providers say. Jonathan Shedler, a psychologist and clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, says he’s concerned about the quality of mental health information …

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