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Canadian patients’ needs are becoming increasingly complex. Health care should reflect that: CMA

More Canadians should receive their primary health care through teams of professionals so their increasingly complex needs can be met without having to pay privately, the Canadian Medical Association said in a new report released Tuesday. The CMA Recommendations came after a major overhaul of the relationship between public and private health care. 6.5 million Canadians have no family doctor, …

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Losing a foot due to diabetes is terrifying and preventable. How doctors try to help

Duane Lea is terrified she will need an amputation, or worse. The 46-year-old Toronto native lost his right foot to a blood clot in his 30s and is now on constant alert about losing his left leg to diabetes. “It’s like the fear never leaves you,” Lea said during a pre-diabetes checkup at Black Creek Community Health Center in Toronto. …

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