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Canadian patients’ needs are becoming increasingly complex. Health care should reflect that: CMA

More Canadians should receive their primary health care through teams of professionals so their increasingly complex needs can be met without having to pay privately, the Canadian Medical Association said in a new report released Tuesday. The CMA Recommendations came after a major overhaul of the relationship between public and private health care. 6.5 million Canadians have no family doctor, …

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Beekeeper searches for answers after 1.2 million bees suddenly die in Lively, Ontario.

Two weeks ago, Dawn Lalonde of Mikkola Family Farm & Apiary in Lively, Ontario, was doing a routine check on one of her apiaries when she noticed something was amiss. Normally she hears the millions of bees in her 40 or so colonies buzzing around and around. But that day there was only silence. “The only way to describe it …

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Scientists think they know why people live so long: mothers

Why do people live so long? A new study suggests that caring for a mother may be a key part of it. The study, from Cornell Universitysays that the reason humans and other primates live so long can be at least partly explained by the mother-child bond. Maternal care leads to the evolution of “long, slow lives,” noted the studypublished …

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