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Nova Scotia mother ordered to stop breastfeeding her baby in military base pool

A breastfeeding mother says she felt embarrassed and overwhelmed when she was told she couldn’t feed her baby in or on the deck of a swimming pool at a military base in Nova Scotia. The 14 Wing Greenwood Aquatics PSP in Greenwood, NS, has since publicly apologized for what happened to Kelsey Hutchinson and has pledged to change its policy …

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This 75-Year-Old Took a Dive in the Seine. But Is It Ready for Olympic Athletes?

As it happens6:05American swimmer takes dip in Seine River despite concerns about its beauty Despite the poor water quality of the Seine River and angry Parisians threatening to defecate in the river in preparation for the Olympics, Joel Stratte-McClure decided this was the ideal spot for a Fourth of July swim. “[It was] “Lovely warm, a little cloudy,” said Stratte-McClure, …

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