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Scientists study wasps that may protect British Columbia’s berries

Every year, invasive insects gnaw on Canadian farms, gardens and wild plants, spreading disease and disrupting ecosystems. But tiny wasps that lay eggs that burst into invasive insects could potentially help berry growers in British Columbia protect their crops. “It’s like nature is giving us a free service to help control crop pests,” said Paul Abram, a researcher with Agriculture …

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Beekeeper searches for answers after 1.2 million bees suddenly die in Lively, Ontario.

Two weeks ago, Dawn Lalonde of Mikkola Family Farm & Apiary in Lively, Ontario, was doing a routine check on one of her apiaries when she noticed something was amiss. Normally she hears the millions of bees in her 40 or so colonies buzzing around and around. But that day there was only silence. “The only way to describe it …

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